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With computer hard disks getting bigger and bigger, it's becoming a lot easier to misplace files. Have you ever downloaded a file, but forgot which directory you place it in? Has your computer automatically downloaded the pictures from your digital camera, but you didn't notice which directory it was placing them in? Well Batch Filer is here to help.

Batch Filer was a utility designed out of necessity. Although Windows comes with a search utility, the options it allows are limited and it is very, very slow. Batch Filer not only allows you to locate the files you want, but also allows you to perform an action on the files found. You can also print a report with all the files found for later reference, very useful when you want to perform some housekeeping on your hard disk. The actions available are:

  • Copy all/selected found files to another directory
  • Move all/selected found files to another directory
  • Delete all/selected found files from hard disk
  • Secure Delete all/selected found files from hard disk

Batch Filer is an inexpensive way to ensure there is nothing on your hard disk that you do not want there. With the Secure Delete funtion you can also rest assured that when you delete a file it stays deleted. As opposed to the normal Delete, when you Secure Delete file, they are first overwritten with random bytes not once, but 5 times. Then the file(s) are deleted. Ever if someone is able to recover the file(s), it will just be a mass of garbled data.

Batch Filer is designed to be simple and quick to use. We are always more than willing to listen to any feedback our users have, so if there is anything you would like to see in Batch Filer or would just like to give us some feedback, send us an email.

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