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$20.00 Single User

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With computer to computer connections via the Internet now becoming a more popular way of providing support for your clients, one of the big stumbling blocks in connecting is knowing their IP address. Admittedly if your client has a leased line or fixed connection, you only need to find out their IP address once, but if they are using a modem, chances are they are being assigned a new address dynamically every time they connect.

IPUP was created to make the task of finding out your clients IP address as simple as possible. IPUP acts as both client and server program. On your computer you select the server option. Fill in your email details if you want email notification of your clients connection, useful if you are away from the office and simply hit the connect button. IPUP will sit quite happily on your system tray.

You provide a copy of IPUP to your client and all you need to do is make sure the server option isn't set, give them a username and fill in the address of the machine you are running IPUP as a server. When your client hits the connect button, you will be notified of their username, and IP address.

By purchasing a single license you are entitled to run one server and one client. With an unlimited license you are unrestricted.

IPUP is provided as a 30 day trial. If you find it useful, please register.

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