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Price :- Freeware with Source
Version 1.0.0 - File Size: 8K

piRawPrint allows you to print directly to the printer, but at the same time bypassing the Windows printer drivers. thus enabling you to print to the optimum speed of the printer. This is especially useful when you want to print to old dot matrix printers.

piRawPrint was originally written using Delphi 3, but was updated to run under Delphi 4 and is know to work unedited with Delphi 6. We use piRawPrint extensively in several of our clients applications and have not encountered any problems.

We also have a component called piReporter which draws heavily from piRawPrint. It's main purpose is to allow you to create line based reports very simply. If you have ever used the reporter in dBase or Clipper, then you will appreciate the functionality in piReporter. We are just tidying this component up and hope to release it soon.

Currently the help file only shows properties and methods, hopefully this should be enough to get you going. Here's a snippet of code that should help you understand the component

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