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Version 1.3.0 - File Size: 1.2M
QuickDBF Version Comparison
Standard Professional Enterprise
Ability to Print No Yes Yes
Ability to Export No Yes Yes
User Liecenses 1 1 Unlimited*

The DBF file format is undoubtably one of the most popular software file formats. It's file extension is instantly recognisable and ranks it up with the .ZIP, .DOC and .XMLs of the world.

The file format itself stems back to 1983 and was designed by Wayne Ratliff. It is now used by a multitude of products both as a native databse file format and also as an exportable format for use with a multitude of other programs, from spreadsheets and wordprocessor, to utilities and games. There are many off the shelf packages that use the dBase file format including Goldmine a popular CRM package.

QuickDBF was designed to enable the quick viewing and editing of DBF database files. Many times it's necessary to quickly look at 1 or more tables in succession. Loading up a full blown database packages like Access or Paradox can be very tedious. QuickDBF was designed from the onset to be simple to use and also includes shell integration, allowing you to either double click on a DBF file to open, or right clicking on a file and selecting Open File with QuickDBF.

QuickDBF is totally self contained. No additional database engines or software is required apart from this simple 1 megabyte download.

QuickPDF BoxshotYou may try QuickDBF for 30 days with no restrictions. Registering entitles you all minor upgrades and one major upgrade. If you find it useful, please register.

We are constantly looking to add new features and improve QuickDBF. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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